WallFace Collections

WallFace wall panels and decorative panels offer decorative exclusivity and style. On top of that, they are quick to install. Thanks to the optional magnetic underlayer, displays and window decorations can be re-used again and again. A must for designers, stylists and shopfitters – find your personal ambience in our wide range of collections and choose your own wall or decorative panel from a variety of designs and colours. 


Punch 3D Collection

Punched wall panels and decorative panels with 3D effects or holes. Matt, brushed-metal surfaces or wood looks and high-gloss inlays.


Acrylic Collection

Opaque plastic wall panels and decorative panels with grooved or corrugated 3D surfaces. Scratch-resistant, high-gloss surfaces and matt designs.


Leather Collection

Realistic imitation leather surfaces available with real stitching or an embossed circular design. Textures that are second to none.


Structure Collection

Urban relief textures in a range of styles, from retro 70s to shabby chic. Three-dimensional decorative panels featuring 3D and metal effects.


Deco Collection

Metallic and wood imitation surfaces with gloss levels from a mirror shine to a matt, brushed finish. Metal effects or matt wood looks.


M-Style Collection

Reflective and metallic high-gloss surfaces in mosaic designs. Large and small mosaic tile sizes available. Flexible and ideal for intricate designs.


S-Glass Collection

Gleaming high-gloss acrylic surfaces with inset PU leather. UV resistant, as well as offering scratch, abrasion and chemical protection.

Styles from 3D to Baroque

The choice is yours. With WallFace, you’ll find the right wall or surface design that suits your lifestyle. Our Design department is always working on new designs. We take design seriously, seeking out the latest trends and developing our own ideas and designs. The sheer flexibility of our materials plays a large role in our designs. From 3D effects to gloss effects – our designers are always at the cutting edge.