Welter Manufaktur für Wandunikate

Ulrich Welter and his team of designers and product developers designate their great passion and creativity to the development of high quality and innovative wall coverings.


High gloss-finished resin panels

Surfaces with metal-leaf of the most diverse alloys and colours, creativley resinated, create the basis of these unique wallcoverings. Welter offers a variety of graphical cuttings, for instance narrow and long rectangulars, hexagrams or randomly created ornaments. These panels attract attention through the subtle colour differences of the individual elements.


7 Star panels

For several years a team of designers has been working on the revival of an ancient process of the production of three-dimensionally created surfaces. The recipe, based on bound chalk and china clay, was originally used for decorating small surfaces, picture frames and sculptures. Through various complex experiments the Welter-team successfully modified it, being able to use this material for large surfaces. Now it can be used as the basis for unique, beautiful wallpanels.

Chameleon Beads

At the Welter manufacture new ideas of wall design are consequently devised and developed into sophisticated products. One of these new products is the „Chameleon Beads“ panel. The designer was inspired by the fascinating abilites of the chameleon. The „Chameleon Beads“ are a patented product which is exclusively produced by the Welter Manufaktur für Wandunikate. Depending on the viewing angle, the colours playfully change continuously. The material used are glass beads applied onto aluminium carrier plates.


Glas de Luxe

For the production of these panels, Welter’s unique wallcoverings will be cast or laminated in glass. Welter’s “Crystals“ series of wallpaper is particularly impressive and fascinating as it is laminated in glass. These are used in bathrooms/showers, for kitchen mirrors, table-tops or cladding for counters. The sizes are made-to-measure, meeting individual client’s requirements. It is possible to produce one piece measuring approx. 1,20 mtrs by 3,00 mtrs with holes for watersupply. The glass panels are made according to ESG or GSG.